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We can develop a customised design brief based on a particular set of requirements. Using our extensive knowledge of the market, we will advise you on which technologies would best meet your requirements and will integrate them into our systems according to your needs and potential of the project.


Upon agreement of the outline plan, our team of skilled technicians will take ownership of the project. We will provide CAD drawings for the onsite electrician or MEP to follow and will also supervise them to ensure that all cables are properly laid.

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Once the cables are installed by the onsite electrician or MEP, our engineers will terminate connections, fit all low-voltage components and commission the solution. All systems are then extensively tested to confirm full functionality of the solution.


All products are covered by manufacturers’ standard warranties, which are usually valid for one year. However, we can provide a range of extended warranties and planned maintenance schemes to help protect your investment and give you peace of mind for the entire lifecycle of the development.