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Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. At Smart IoT we believe The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.

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Khalifa AlJaziri

Group Director - CEO & Co-founder

Khalifa al Jaziri is an architect and innovator with an ardent zeal for technology. His pioneering work in automating smart building systems has set new standards and shattered conventional notions of connected living. He invented and adapted products for the harsh desert climes of the Arabian peninsula and set the United Arab Emirates on the forefront of technological advancement. He grew his company from being a niche service-provider to becoming a mammoth multi-dimensional operation functioning across multiple market segments all over the globe.
Sustainability, energy efficiency, and intuitive design being the cornerstone of his work philosophy, he collaborates extensively with various governmental organizations. He moderates prestigious panel discussions throughout the GCC and acts as a consultant for governments to drive environmentally-responsible growth throughout the region.
Khalifa al Jaziri dons many roles with ease and excels in each and every one of them; he is an innovator, a technologist, an environmentalist, a mentor, an educator, a policy-maker, an influencer, and an entrepreneur. He transcended accepted boundaries of practicality and reason, rose above convention, challenged social boundaries, thereby establishing himself as a social visionary.

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Dr. Ahmad AlJaziri

Group Director - Co-founder

Dr. Ahmad AlJaziri is a consultant in general and laparoscopic surgery. He is one of the leading Emirati physicians in UAE. Dr. AlJaziri obtained his MD from Cairo University in 1985, and then he joined the Department of Health and Medical Services, currently known as Dubai Health Authority. After that, he started his specialization in general surgery (1986-1989). He moved to Germany between 1989-1995 for further specialization in medicine and laparoscopic surgery. He received both the European Board of Laparoscopy and the German Board as a consultant surgeon in 1995. Dr. AlJaziri returned to UAE to head the Surgery Department at Dubai Hospital in 2001. He is well known for being visionary when it comes to pushing the boundaries to create future technologies today.

His support from inception was a key driver to the success of this venture.

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Sam Al-Schamma

Group Director

A natural leader and people-connector, Sam enjoys making a positive difference in the relationships he forms. He builds on his extensive global career experiences, his multi-lingual and cross-cultural background, and his continuous use of future technologies to drive strategic changes that have consistently delivered business growth and success.

With 26 years of Rock Solid Experience in intel, Sam has been a great contributor in developing new technologies with Smart IoT. He is working as a Group Director for Smart IoT from 2016.

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Mohammed AlMudharreb

Group Director

Mohammed AlMudharreb is one of the Top names in Technology in the UAE. Working as a Manager, IT Services Management at Roads and Transport Authority he has developed with his team cutting edge technologies which are shaping the future of Dubai and making it a city of Future.

Mohammed is keen on adopting new technologies which are based on AI and ML to make human life more comfortable and smarter. He joined our team in 2011.

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Emad AlDoghaither

Group Director

Emad AlDoghaither is one of the leading innovators in education from Saudi Arabia. The transformation of all of us, individuals and communities through self-management, communication, and training, where we all enjoy freedom, generate our powers, and live our dreams now. The mapping of knowledge and the diagramming of processes, dramatically empower the spontaneous choosing process that we face every moment.

Emad's mission is to the mapping of knowledge and the diagramming of processes, dramatically empowers the spontaneous choosing process that we face every moment. Emad AlDoghaither joined our team in 2012.

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Asim Sajwani


20 Years of Experience in IT Field working with technology giants like Google, Chang Hwa Telecom, Telstra, Engenius Mr. Asim Sajwani is one of the Leading names in Technology field in the Middle East. Having done masters from MIT in telecom, he has joined Smart IoT Team in 2018 concentrating on developing International Sales Channel and also to bring OEM/ODM partners and doing a tie-up with Other leading Technology partners who complement Smart IoT's Solutions.