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The ‘Smart IoT CONTROLS’ is a groundbreaking mobile, wearable, embedded and web app that allows seamless control over all the aspects of a property, including but
not limited to lighting, climate, appliances, curtains, blinds, multiroom audio, security, digital surveillance, entertainment and energy savings.


We can design systems to integrate, control and / or manage all the technological products in your property if required. Also, we offer a range of our own control systems to allow you to manage a wide range of disparate technologies from a single point. Our systems integrate via a number of different protocols including Ethernet, RS232, USB, Radio Frequency and Infra Red, allowing you to enjoy your technology wherever, however and whenever you want. Integration options include:

  • Environmental requirements such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lights, appliances, curtains and blinds.
  • Communications such as telephone, email, Internet, intercom, and video conferencing.
  • Entertainment systems such as TV, satellite, DVD, audio and home cinema.
  • Security systems such as the alarm, digital surveillance, and access control.

IWe produce customized solutions for the above based on your requirements and budget utilizing a standardized portfolio of products that are tried and tested. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT [email protected] FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS