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Smart IoT CONTROLS Systems give you the power to control your home from a variety of interfaces. With this highly customizable system you can:

  • Create powerful scenes at the touch of a button; e.g. “Reading”, “Movie Time”, “Relaxing”.
  • Have LCD light switches that can be labelled to give you much more power and flexibility than with a conventionally wired house.
  • Press one button to put the property into holiday mode; turning lights on and off to simulate occupancy.
  • Control Air Conditioning and see the current temperature from your light switch, thus minimizing clutter on your wall.
  • Control a variety of appliances such as fans, water heaters and curtain tracks from your light switch, again minimizing the impact on your interior design.


We can design systems to integrate, control and / or manage all the technological products in your property if required. Also, we offer a range of our own control systems to allow you to manage a wide range of disparate technologies from a single point. Our systems integrate via a number of different protocols including Ethernet, RS232, USB, Radio Frequency and Infra Red, allowing you to enjoy your technology wherever, however and whenever you want. Integration options include:

  • Environmental requirements such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lights, appliances, curtains and blinds.
  • Communications such as telephone, email, Internet, intercom, and video conferencing.
  • Entertainment systems such as TV, satellite, DVD, audio and home cinema.
  • Security systems such as the alarm, digital surveillance, and access control.

IWe produce customized solutions for the above based on your requirements and budget utilizing a standardized portfolio of products that are tried and tested. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS