Wired Automation Products

Wired Products for Smart IoT Wired Products

Wired Automation

Specifically designed to be integrated within your walls as the foundation of strong connected automation systems, Wired Automation gives high accuracy of powerful electric distribution for your smart functional technologies and/or machineries.

Series of wired automation products consisting of different devices from Gateways, Relays, and Dimmers to I/O, more all equipped with various flexible controls

Benefits of Wired Automation/Green IoT

Low Security Risks

High Reliability

One Time Installation Cost

Best works with Greenfield Projects

Powerful Electric Distribution

High Data Capacity

GreenIoT Controls

Smart IoT came up with wired automation controls that communicate protocols of GreenBUS and BlueBUS with the Ethernet to secure safe, fast, and reliable sources of connection between IoT Platform Solutions and hardwares and apps.

Gateway & Bridge Series

Protocols of Communication Converters that serve as bridges between
IoT platforms, hardwares, and user devices such as mobiles and machineries. This provides a communication link between the platform and different devices at any time, whilst either online or offline.

Features of Gateway & Bridge Series

Various protocols of communication converters from 2-way to 3-way.

Built-In Timers and Events engine supporters.

Communicates GreenBUS, BlueBUS, the Ethernet, Salto, and other specific 3rd party devices.

Incorporates Zone and Category groupings.

Supports Local and Online upgrades.

Customizable IP address and port.

Benefits of Gateway & Bridge Series


Secured connection of platforms and devices


Fast and responsive relay of data integration


Supports various connection mediums

Dimming Series

The scenic capabilities of your lights can be as easy as a mere touch on your controls. However, this requires an on-hand and state of the art technology that can efficiently support system updates, monitoring, unexpected interruptions, and other factors. The Dimming Series of GreenIoT Controls allow fast flowing energy transfer from IoT platforms to apps and hardwares to provide you a safe, fast, and flexible dimming control over your lighting systems.

Benefits of Dimming Series

  • EfficiencyProductive work distribution within system without wasting resources and other factors
  • FlexibilityEffective transfer of algorithm at great speed resulting to smooth flow of technical operation
  • Wide VarietyDifferent products that cater to different yet specific needs for a variety of choices for users

Features of Dimming Series

Status LED provided to indicate load status and identify modules during configuration

Modules are DIN rail mounted for easy installation

Comes with a dip switch that allows transfer of module from GreenIoT to BlueIoT

With a built-in current sensor for individual energy monitoring and reporting

Built-in engines supporting various scenes, sequences, timers, triggers, conditions, and actions

Incorporates Zone and Category grouping and supports local and online upgrades

Relay Series

The Relay Series are SmartIoT’s group of electrically operated automation switches used for device switching. This allows flow of current, or not, resulting in the activation or deactivation of an automation circuit. Our Relay Series are best suitable for Incandescent, high intensity discharge lamps and fluorescent loads, and can also be used to control electric curtains and blind systems.

Benefits of Relay Series

  • DurabilityRelay can withstand high-in rush currents resulting to secured and fast algorithm flow
  • ReliabilityThe advanced configuration of the device makes it a strong resource for automation foundation
  • EfficiencyThe system remembers and picks-up from its last known state in the event of power loss

Features of Relay Series

Channel variety of 4 and 8, each with maximum control load of either 14A or 16A

Electrical phase independence for each channel

Equipped with a built-in current sensor for individual energy monitoring and reporting

Modules come with a tri-state switch for individual local control and installation

Comes with a DIP switch that allows transfer from wired to wireless modules

Incorporates Zone and Category grouping, and supports local and online upgrades

Climate Series

Series of wired output devices designed to specifically control smart climate applications for various areas such as offices,
buildings, residential, hotels, hospitals, and other spaces. Each of Smart IoT’s Climate Series products can control a single or multi stage machine with two operation modes (Heating and Cooling) and multi fan speed operation modes. Controllers are capable of creating an energy monitoring and a report regarding Cooling, Heating, and an individual using an option to associate with an external current sensor.

Benefits of Relay Series

  • EfficiencyWorkload productivity within a speedy rate and ensured system algorithms
  • FlexibilityVarious system controls and options customization for different scenes
  • ReliabilityThe advanced configuration of the device makes it a strong resource for automation foundation

Features of Climate Series

The module can handle FCU, AHU and VAV systems (through the analog output)

Built-in Timer engines supporting up to 16 Timers and Event engines supporting up to 32 Events.

Equipped with a built-in current sensor for individual energy monitoring and reporting

Supports local and online upgrades

Programmed variables are stored in nonvolatile memory and are retained in case of loss of mains or GreenBUS power


Power state, Modes and Fan speeds protection delay

Guest Room Series

Smart IoT develops an innovative and efficient solution to control various technological and mechanical requirements in various areas such as office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and other spaces with limited budget and/or requirement. The Guest Room Series supports efficient control over lights, climate, curtain, door, window, and many other necessities.

Benefits of Relay Series

  • DurabilityThe high technology followed by systems, wires, and algorithms sustains capabilities of each product
  • Wide VarietyThe Guest Room Series has a wide range of products that supports various technologies
  • EfficiencyEach product can communicate with various channels without decreasing power, energy, and productivity

Features of Climate Series

Provides channels, relays, and channels digital input, specifically for each product


Built-in Timer engines supporting up to 16 Timers and Event engines supporting up to 32 Events.

Supports local and online upgrades


Incorporates current detection, overload, overheat and short circuit protection (replaceable fuse).

The 3-way protocol communication converter device is a RS485/RS232 communication interface with selectable baud rate

Supports local and online upgrades and is CE & RoHs certified

Human Interface Series

Smart IoT’s Human Interface Series are a group of smart devices that supports various aspects essential to any industrial or residential area such as lighting, climate control, media, curtain, and more. The series consists of 11 smart devices, each specifically designed to support multi-controls to enhance convenience and efficiency within automation systems.

Benefits of Human Interface Series

  • EfficiencyProductive distribution of smart workload that saves sufficient energy and manual maintenance
  • DurabilityComes with built-in sensors that supports durability of automation systems and of the products
  • FlexibilityComes with buttons that have configurable LED indicators that adapts to user’s needs

Features of Human Interface Series

Smart Switches and Panels have custom apps such as lighting, appliance, curtain/blind, climate, media, and more.

Built-in Timer engines supporting up to 16 Timers and Event engines supporting up to 32 Events. 

Programmed variables are stored in nonvolatile memory and are retained in case of loss of mains or GreenBUS power.

Special Built-In specifications and features for each specific products

Programmable onsite or offsite via Smart IoT CONTROLS Configuration Client Software.

Supports local and online upgrades and is CE & RoHs certified

I/O Series

Input and Output modules are mediators between specific devices and the processor. Smart IoT’s I/O Series consists of various devices such as modules, sensors, and more that efficiently support wired connection of IoT automation platforms to smart devices.

Benefits of I/O Series

  • SecurityThe series provides integration with security and safety systems
  • PowerHighly capable devices that allows various actions and support different engines whilst promoting security within the system’s operation
  • EfficiencySupport integration of various automation whilst decreasing expenses and manual maintenance and efforts

Features of I/O Series

Tri-state switch that allows switching of various channels for specific products

Built-in Timer engines supporting up to 16 Timers, Scene engines up to 32 Scenes, and Event engines up to 32 Events. 

Eye strain protection feature for specific products

Up to 512 actions can be stored for Multisensor products 

The transceiver provides 2 x 0-10V analog input channels and 2 x infrared output channels, and has a built-in IR receiver of 256 codes.

Support online upgrades

Power Supply Series

Smart IoT’s Power Supply Series is an integral part of GreenBUS installations and supplies power to the GreenBUS system. It is efficiently designed to produce a seamless flow of power to GreenBUS and a reliable performance whilst conserving energy. The product, itself, provides the source of power that is utilized by the GreenBUS network and provides a separate digital output connecting to the digital input of other Green IoT devices. This results in the ability of the device to report any power instability or failure.

Benefits of Power Supply Series

  • Cost-SavingModule's I/O can easily be swapped out for fast and cost-effective maintenance
  • Energy-EfficiencyAllows clean and smooth flow of power whilst saving sufficient energy
  • SecurityOverload and short-circuit protection are provided to ensure protection of device

Features of Power Supply Series

AC 110~240V (50Hz/60Hz)/DC and/or 24V DC.

1 Digital Output.

Manual switches for enabling/disabling the 24V DC flow.

Configurable onsite via onboard switches.

Digital input for fire alarm integration which can be enabled or disabled via onboard switch.

CE & RoHs certified.

Multiroom Audio Series

Smart IoT’s wired solution to your Audio platform. Our Multiroom Audio Series consists of 2 Audio Multiroom Systems and a powerful Standard Ceiling Speaker that maximizes up to 25W. The Multiroom Audio devices allow powerful control features for audio streaming and/or distribution. The two devices support various connectivities for flawless connection and control of connected sources, as well as of independent wireless streaming necessities. Our Multiroom Audio Series also can be cascaded when needed to provide solutions required by other spaces. Our Standard Ceiling Speaker, on the other hand produces sound through low to high frequencies, creating an ambient sound that fills the space.

Benefits of Guest Room Series

  • ProductivityDeveloped with various inputs and outputs that allow the control of local connected sources and supports control features
  • SecuritySupports seamless streaming through connectivities while providing integrations with security and safety systems
  • EfficiencySupports various modes, controls, inputs, outputs, and features whilst consistently conserving energy

Features of Guest Room Series

Multi Room systems supports speakers with maximum 50W each in mono or stereo mode

Standard Ceiling Speaker has a maximum of 25W, a Resonant Frequency of 63 Hz +20%Hz, and an easily adjustable holder.

Built-in Timer engines supporting up to 16 Timers and Event engines supporting up to 32 Events. 

With LAN, WLAN, and GreenBUS enabling multiple options for connectivity

Up to 512 actions can be stored

Supports online upgrade and is CE, FCC & RoHs certified.