Slide Smart School with Smart IoT

Smart School

Digital Technology that Guarantees Smarter School Environment

Smart IoT dedicates one of its aspects in providing schools with more efficient ways to integrate ideas and information to students, conserve energy, and create a technological advancement within premises. Our Smart School crafts state of the art digital technology solutions that benefit both students, teachers, and school administration; providing the most necessary solutions to simple contributors to an enjoyable and productive school environment.

We provide smart solutions for schools to enhance comfortability and convenience among students, teachers, and staff, and integrate IoT for digitalization.

Features of Smart School

Smart On/Off Switch

Automatic Output Adjust

Control Zones

Data and Alerts Report

Occupancy Sensing and Demand Response

Energy Management

Integration of Smart IoT with Necessary School Management Aspects

Smart Access Controls

Smart IoT lets users get easy access to media sources such as smart projectors, educational televisions, and others through Voice Commands, Sensors, and Media Controls that are accessible in smart devices. This allows automatic display of lectures, announcements, school notifications, lesson plans, presentations, and more.

Lighting Controls

Automatic turning on and off of lights based on motion sensors, voice commands, and controls is a big contributor to an energy-saving establishment. Smart IoT also strategically designed this solution to record familiar and recurring times that are subject to the optimization of the solution, such as when a class starts or when the school opens and closes.

Audio Controls

Whether it be an audio media system inside a room, a gymnasium, or a whole school, Smart IoT’s Audio Controls can let you access audio media through our Smart Controls. This also performs a Zone Control in which you may access audio media of a specific area instead of all audio media. In addition, IoT integration with cloud allows emergency alerts to automatically be announced through Audio Controls.

Security Controls

Security is very important anywhere, especially in schools. Smart IoT’s Security Controls creates a vital digital solution to providing effective security protocols in schools. The use of VMS will identify staff, students, and both wanted and unwanted visitors. The imaging can also detect objects that signify danger such as sharp objects. This also covers emergency securities such as fire, toxins in the air, and other dangerous happenings.