Slide Smart Building with Smart IoT

Smart Building

Safe and Enjoyable Environment for Tenants

Smart IoT’s integration of IoT, Cloud, AI, and other innovative digital technologies promises a building environment that succeeds in providing a pleasant stay for tenants.

We provide smart products and solutions integrated with IoT, Edge Computing, and AI for smart building essentials maintenance for tenants’ comfortability

Benefits of a Smart Building


A Smart Building is guaranteed to provide comfort to your tenants and employees.


Security and safety are two of the most important benefits of this Smart IoT Solution.


Automatic adjustments and adaptations of each control creates a better environment.


Automatic and predictive controls provide accessibility to users and to other people.


A Smart Building guarantees effective energy saving solutions that require less manual maintenance.


Productive optimization of accessible solutions whilst saving expenses and human labor.

The Best Solution to Necessary Security

Optimize maximum usage of VMS to ensure the best implementation of security protocols in your building. Smart IoT provides solutions that are necessarily important to maintaining a safe environment for all occupants. This includes Facial Recognition, Geofencing, Voice Recognition, Lock Controls, Entry Access, People Count, and more. In addition, our solution also includes an Alert or Emergency Notification when emergencies occur such as unusual movements in the building, fire, security breach, and other unsafe occurrences.

Sustainable Solutions
for Optimal Convenience

Smart IoT’s Smart Building Solutions has no boundaries when providing maximum support to building intelligence.
We guarantee the satisfaction of your tenants and the convenience within your access to the system through our Smart Controls.

Lighting Controls

Control your lights through intelligent and predictive sensors that detect motions, and changes in time, temperature and daylight distribution within the building, or through Voice Command Integration.

Temperature Controls

Access AC Control through monitored platform interface or through automation and commands. Allow automatic adaptation to outside weather through Smart IoT’s Smart sensors that automatically adjusts.

Security Controls

Guarantee safety and security in your whole building using our Security Controls Solutions that uses VMS’ features to provide sufficient data and information that are necessary to security implementation.

Smart Access Controls

Get full access to different controls from different areas inside your building using our Smart Access Controls. Get connected to other controls in one platform interface to securely maintain and monitor.