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Founded in 2010 and is based in Labège, France, Sigfox is a French global network operator that builds and provides the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting the digital and technological world to our daily lives.

Through the connection of Sigfox and iWire Connect, Smart IoT’s deliverance of IoT, AI, and ML powered and supported systems has become more accessible to users – thus, creating a bigger possibilities in digital advancement for the benefit of various industries, people, situations, and evolution of knowledge.

Smart IoT and Global Communications provider SigFox partnered to deliver better and smarter IoT Solutions in the UAE through wide-ranged connectivity.

Slide Smart IoT's Premier Partnership with Sigfox Smart IoT commits to provide quality service in delivering smooth connection between systems, creating solutions to flaws, providing strong support to technological aspects of a project, and securing a safe transport of wireless networks and data for a more convenient and reliable business flow – all possible because of brilliant people and partnerships. Gear Technology- Sigfox with Smart IoT
Track real-time geographic location of an object – digital or physical such as assets. This is to avoid loss, upsell, and even to improve customer satisfaction.
Building Private Area Networks to connect devices and ensure security in collecting data to enhance development in systems.
Deep connectivity of services that communicates data to the internet to deliver important and relevant information and create better decisions.