Slide Technology and Human Intelligence Building and solutions for Moro IoT Project Moro

Partner For Digital Services

Slide Smart IoT provides MORO the Internet of Intelligent Things through the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and a seamless connection and flow of digital algorithms through Smart IoT’s Central-BUS. This way, MORO can provide a successful flow of digital services to their clients around the UAE and in other regions.
Human and Technology Connected with Moro Smart IoT and MORO

Water and Air Quality Monitoring

Smart IoT used various solutions and devices to maintain sustainable water and air quality for our MORO project. These include solutions such as Water Quality and Water Tank Monitoring, and wired and wireless Smart IoT devices classified as GreenIoT Controls and BlueIoT Controls.

IoT powered Water and Air Quality Monitoring systems produce accurate measurement of various factors affecting sustainability of elements, as well as those that are possibly contributing increased risks such as bad parameters of poor water and air quality. Smart IoT also used this solution to prevent possible malfunctions from detecting leakages, or even factors that may create damages.


Smart IoT doesn’t only use the Cloud to ensure flawless data communication within each solution, we also use Edge Computing to deliver seamless and faster solution and data communication to each processes, devices, apps, and solutions.

Edge Computing is defined as the distribution of computing patterns so that data computation and storage becomes closer to the exact location it needs to be. This improves time response and saves bandwidth. This means that in case an unexpected delay in the data communication from the Cloud, Edge Computing will automatically dispense the accurate data, solution, or needed product to supply to an end user. This makes data transfer faster, more accurate and more seamless than a regular IoT operation.

In addition, through Smart IoT (IoIT) integration, MORO benefits with more accurate data communications. A conventional IoT operation consists only of the Communication to Devices process, while an IoIT operation CPU Power and On Board Storage(s) between Communication and Devices. This results in lower costs and resources while increasing MORO’s profit, reliability, and scalability.

AI and ML

Smart IoT integrates both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to all of its solutions, promoting innovative digital designs and data gathering and processing to succeed in any digital operations. The use of both AI and ML in IoT created the Internet of Intelligent Things, the smarter and better version of IoT. We at Smart IoT, strategically provides IoIT to MORO to ensure secure connection of data transfer between apps, devices, platforms, and data storages, and promote predictiveness, intelligence, and self-sustaining smart digital technology that can provide hundreds, even thousands of digital capabilities to all of MORO’s respective clients up to their end users.