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Smart IoT’s Sustainable Technology Project for ICD

Smart IoT’s contributions to the economy can be measured through one of our essentially important projects, the provision of advanced smart products and solutions to the Investment Corporation of Dubai, specifically to the boardroom used by HH Sheikh Mohammed. We aimed to ensure that there is a sustainable flow of innovative digital technology benefits especially in areas that are vital to the consistent success of the corporation. We used Smart Controls to maintain a convenient flow of operations and support a smart way to develop a comfortable stay within the boardroom.

Smart Office Controls

Our Smart Controls are powered by AI, IoT, and the Cloud. We have strategically used various smart controls to promote a technologically advanced boardroom for the upper management of the ICD to enhance digital innovations within each area and consistently provide comfort and convenience to the people. Our smart controls are responsive through a mere touch on a manual control, and/or through our Voice Assistant Integration that you may access via Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or the Google Assistant Integration. Aside from these, our predictive smart controls can be automatically automated through our All-In-One-Sensor which responds to various factors such as motion, occupancy, demand, time, temperature, and/or light distribution within an enclosed area.
  • Media Controls
  • Curtain Controls
  • Garage Controls
  • Lighting Controls
  • Door/Window Controls
  • Smart Appliances, and more

Slide Circle with products for Smart IoT Leading IoT Company Smart IoT has various wired and wireless products that work perfectly with the solutions. The GreenIoT Controls are groups of different series of wired devices, BlueIoT Controls, on the other hand are wireless device series. Each of these devices were specifically designed to work on different areas that need digital support such as our different smart controls. For this project, we used various GreenIoT and BlueIoT Controls devices, each targeting specific solutions, such as Smart lighting controls and temperature controls, or even the gateways and bridges that communicates networks to ensure safe and seamless connection between different connectivity source that are essential to the operation of each of our solutions. Circle with products for Smart IoT Wired and Wireless

Smart Security Automatic Protocols

All of Smart IoT’s solutions are responsive to critical and unusual data readings such as sudden increase in Carbon monoxide or sudden power interruptions. Our smart solutions are specifically made to provide comfort and aid in emergencies, this is why each of our solutions were designed to give alerts and notifications to users and even to the government’s emergency responders when sensors that are supported by Artificial Intelligence gather unusual data readings. Users can also expect daily reports of monitoring and maintenance. Aside from this, the platform also sends alerts to corresponding personnel in case of leakages, for instance in the Air Quality Monitoring within one of IDC’s boardrooms, to ensure prevention of the worst. Smart IoT ensures that IDC’s boardrooms are always guaranteed to be safe against any factors of technological malfunctions.