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VMS & Etisalat Partnership

Smart IoT teamed-up with Etisalat to provide a VMS solution for the Hidd Al Saadiyat Project. Smart IoT provided the Video Management System solutions for the surveillance cameras from Etisalat that produced solutions such as Facial Recognition, ANPR, Geofencing, and People Count. With this, safety and security are always implemented during entrance and exit of anyone within the area. Our smart solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the Cloud – all used to maximise optimal usage of the advantages of modern digital technology while ensuring data and systems security and high storage capacity.

Slide Safety, security, and convenience always come first in a residential environment, especially in an exclusive one. In partnership with Etisalat, Smart IoT has provided the modern solution to the needs of Hidd Al Saadiyat’s 462 villas - the integration of IoT platform solutions that will ensure the safety and wonderful environment within each and every villa and the whole neighborhood.

Technological Environment Connection Smart IoT: A Real Estate Essential

Smart Home Controls

Our Smart Home Controls are the solution to finding convenience in doing daily living tasks. Control the essential aspects of your home through our Voice Assistant Integration that you may access through Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or the Google Assistant Integration, or through our All-In-One-Sensor which promotes a predictive smart digital intelligence to aid your necessities.
  • Media Controls
  • Curtain Controls
  • Garage Controls
  • Lighting Controls
  • Door/Window Controls
  • Smart Appliances, and more

Smart Security Automatic Protocols

Our IoT platform solutions are strategically capable to produce reports and/or notifications of monitoring and maintenance of each system. This is to ensure the safety being delivered to you by each of our smart solutions. In addition to Smart Security, our Smart Controls are also predictive and self-learning when it comes to data collection and integration. This means that through various apps in the solution such as Facial Recognition, all villas in the Hidd Al Saadiyat estate will be safe from unwanted visitors, and owners will also be notified of all unusual activities happening in and/or out their homes.